FAQ for Homeowners

How does The Home Rental Company save me money?

The Home Rental Company works quickly and effectively to connect renters and homeowners. The longer your property sits vacant, the longer you are losing investments! Time is money and our service is to find you qualified renters.

How much does The Home Rental Company charge?

The Home Rental Company charges one month’s rent for our service. This is collected and due at the lease signing.

How will The Home Rental Company handle showing my property?

We generally like to have keys from our owners as this allows us to offer flexible showing times with potential renters. This helps us meet our number one goal, which is to get your property leased as soon as possible. We can discuss this further and figure out what works best in each individual situation.

What is the application process?

Once an interested person has been through your property we will have them complete an application and pay a $25 application fee. The Home Rental Company will process the application (looking primarily at the credit report, employment verification and history, and mortgage and/or rental history for the last 2 years). Once the application is processed we will meet with the homeowner to review and make sure that it will be an appropriate fit.

Who is the ultimate decision maker?

You, the homeowner will always make the ultimate decision in who will lease out your investment property. It’s The Home Rental Company’s job to offer guidance and provide expertise on finding you a well qualified candidate.