FAQ For Renters

We at the Home Rental Company look forward to working with you and finding your next home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our service is to assist you in finding a rental home but the ultimate rental decision falls on the owners of the property.

These are common questions you may have.

How much does this service cost me?

It is FREE to the renter. The Home Rental Company is compensated by the homeowners and property managers. A non refundable application fee is required for each applicant at the time of application submission for credit report and processing.

What are typical rental qualifications?

General rental qualifications include:

  1. Good rental history
  2. Consistent income to support the rent payment as well as your other financial obligations
  3. Good credit history

What if I have had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession or an eviction in my credit history?

We work with these types of issues on a daily basis. These sorts of issues will not keep you from renting or leasingĀ in the future but may put limits on what is available. We can help you re-establish rental history and get you on a successful path for the future.

What if I am a first time renter?

The vast majority of properties will approve first time renters with either an additional deposit or a cosigner. With a first time renter, the income and credit history may be weighed more heavily in the process.