Why Use the Home Rental Company

The Home Rental Company was formed to help people. We help bring people together as quickly and as efficiently as possible. For the renters, we make your Grand Rapids rental search process easy, simple as that! For the homeowners, we fill your pockets. When looking at your home, an expense that is often overlooked is the cost associated with vacancies. At the end of the day, if your home is sitting vacant – you are losing revenue.

When looking at today’s real estate market, there are remarkable deals out there. Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles is the inability to sell your current home and take advantage of these rewarding deals. A smart, lucrative option may to be rent out your current residence and as you are collecting rent payments, with any luck, your home will gradually be rising in value. You are not only helping yourself financially but you are a buyer in a once in a lifetime buyer’s market!

Finding renters is not always as easy as putting a “For Rent” sign out in front of the house or putting an ad online. The Home Rental Company is the proactive choice for homeowners who want to maximize their investment.

  • Our People make the difference
    We strive for personal relationships, offer our experience and ensure open communication
  • Finding Qualified Renters
    We offer an extensive screening process
  • You can be rest assured
    Leave the hassle up to us!
  • We have a Rental Marketing Plan in place
    This helps assure faster leasing of Grand Rapids homes

We save you time, money and the aggravation with finding renters for your property.

We believe the key to finding a qualified renter for your property lies in the way we do business to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  We go above and beyond to give your property the personal attention it needs and deserves.  Our niche is to work closely with the renters to offer an extremely high level of customer service and genuinely build loyal relationships.